Illusory Correlation

Assuming that because two things are changing at the same time, one is causing the change of the other.

Argument from Silence

Reading into silence as meaningful.

Toupee Fallacy

You do not know what you don’t know. A well designed trick will make you none-the-wiser to its existence.

Argument from Incredulity

Assuming something cannot be true because you cannot understand how it would be possible.


Shifting blame to another in order to absolve oneself of responsibility.


Providing examples of others who do the same or worse to validate one’s own position.

Tu Quoque

Accusing the person who makes a claim to be hypocritical to invalidate their claim.

Blaming the Victim

Suggesting that a victim is somehow responsible for an offense made against them.

Damning with Faint Praise

Using language that seems complimentary but is actually insulting when examined closely.

Poisoning the Well

Preemptively discrediting an opponent in order to reduce the credibility of their arguments.