Rhyme as Reason Effect

Bandwagon Effect

People are more likely to follow a belief or action if others are doing it as well.


The tendency to take responsibility for success, but to attribute failure to something else.

Bizarreness Effect

People will remember the unique or peculiar more than things they would commonly expect.

Choice-Supportive Bias

People believe that since they made a decision in the first place, it must have been the correct one.

Confirmation Bias

The tendency to focus on information that reinforce preexisting beliefs.

Consistency Bias

The belief that ones past thoughts are the same as they are now.


Cryptomesia happens when a forgotten memory returns but the memory is thought to be a new or original idea.

Context Effect

The tendency to associate a memory with its surrounding environment, inhibiting recall in other environments.

Egocentric Bias

Recalling the past in a self-serving manner, such as overestimating accomplishments.