Fading Affect Bias

The Fading affect bias explains that unpleasant memories fade faster than positive memories.

Extreme Aversion

The tendency to follow the “middle of the road” and avoid choices that are perceived as extreme.

False Consensus Effect

The tendency to assume one’s thoughts are shared by others without direct confirmation.

Forer Effect or Barnum Effect

The tendency to believe that vague general descriptions are accurate depictions of one’s personality.

Framing Effect

Arriving at different conclusions from the same evidence because of the way the evidence is presented.

Humor Effect

Funny things are remembered better than normal things.

Frequency Illusion

When learning something new, we tend to start seeing it constantly in our everyday lives.

Halo Effect

The tendency for one trait to color the way a person’s other, unrelated traits are viewed.

Hindsight Bias

When people remember events as being more predictable than they really were.

Hyperbolic Discounting

The tendency to reduce the perceived value of a reward the longer you have to wait for it.