Planning Fallacy

The tendency to underestimate the time required to complete a task.

Post-Purchase Rationalization

The tendency to reinforce a purchase decision as positive once the purchase has been made.

Regressive Bias

We “average out” our memories and don’t think of frequencies as extremely as they are.

Self-Generation Effect

Self generated statements are remembered more easily.

Self-Relevance Effect

People remember things that they find relatable.

Spacing Effect

Information provided over a longer period of time is better remembered.

Spotlight Effect

People tend to believe that others remember their thoughts or actions longer than they really do.

System Justification

The tendency to prefer current ideas and systems over adopting new ones.

Suffix Effect

Including additional, irrelevant information at the end of a presentation.

Unacceptability Bias

The tendency to evade questions that are deemed too personal or embarrassing.